DSaPP has developed a framework for collaborating with governments and nonprofits on data-driven policy projects that includes software, a project planning framework, and legal and technical paperwork templates. In addition to working on collaborative projects, a critical part of our work is helping individuals and organizations build internal data capacity through open source resources and training. Below are links to resources we have created over the years:

Project Planning

To ensure the success of a data-driven project, it is critical to prepare a thorough project scope and assess your organization’s readiness to take on such a project. The following documents are built to assist with these processes:

Legal Agreements

Standardized legal documents for the different  types of DSaPP collaborations can be found here.

Data Security

As part of The University of Chicago, DSaPP complies with the industry standards for data security observed by many organizations. More information can be found here.

Technical Requirements

DSaPP works best with complete, raw, granular data from our partners. Below are two ways to arrange that:

Our Open Source Mission

DSaPP shares its tools and other resources with the aim of empowering other individuals and organizations to tackle social challenges with data science. These can be explored here.